about us

Back in 2016 I had a stroke, my second in fact and my life changed rather abruptly! Still onwards and upwards. roll on a couple of years and one back surgery and I'm still battling both mental and physical health problems. I decided I needed a hobby to take my mind off my ills!

So I started with making shells into wearable jewellery, then I discovered sea glass! Oh, and how popular seaglass is! In just a few months ive gone from drilling holes in shells and putting them on silver plated chains , too creating what you see on this website. Still a hobby but I'm hoping it will pay for itself. In the process helping my recovery.

By buying one of my items you are not only getting a beautiful piece of unique jewellery, handcrafted in Cornwall but you are also helping my recovery :-) Ohh and you also have a little bit of Cornwall with you at all times.