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This special listing is for a commission piece. The glass was curved and had a very uneven edge , making it super tricky to bezel set without getting wrinkles in the silver. There is a gap between glass and bezel at the back which cannot be avoided in this shaped glass. However i really think the backless bezel makes the most of this seaglass. Finally the piece was sent to London to be hallmarked with our own unique hallmark. On return, getting a final polish with an anti tarnish coating. All my commission pieces are posted special delivery Royal Mail.

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special delivery

I feel it is important to ensure unique pieces of sea glass that are sent to me by customers are returned by special delivery. I have to add £5 postage for this reason ( special delivery costs more than this) and hope all my customers understand why.

Many pieces have special memories attached and are all totally unique. Whilst the royal mail is pretty reliable i feel this extra insurance is worth the extra postage costs