perfect blue pendant

Where do i begin with this absolutely stunning , genuine cornish blue sea glass? Its rare. No its SUPER rare to find a genuine piece of seaglass in this shape. Yes there are lots of tumbled glass and lots of shaped seaglass BUT THIS PIECE IS DIFFERENT! This is an honest, straight from the shore piece of seaglass that hasn't been altered, adjusted, moulded, shaped, cut buy human hand. This piece is exactly, apart from a wash, as found on a particular Cornish beach that i am not going to divulge, for obvious reasons! In three years of seaglass hunting i havent found a piece anything like this stunning before. Well, apart from the pink seaglass heart i found a year or so ago! This is particularly unusual in that the blue is almost cornflower blue, a happy blue twixt seafoam and cobalt. . It is set in a recycled silver ,made to measure, bezel so that the heart remains as found. This is a solid back bezel which reflects through the seaglass, giving extra boost to the stunning colour. If youre looking for something unique and blue for that special someones wedding, have a tricky person to buy for or just fancy a lift , this is your piece. Totally unique, totally rare, totally unique and totally genuine. You will not find another piece like this. I cna have this piece hallmarked if required but my hallmarker is closed during lockdown, so you would need to allow a little time for this. The piece is not over 7.7g so doesn't require hallmarking for sale. Posted in the UK for free, first class, signed for

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