The usual black seaglass colour is olive or green. Often coming from champagne bottles broken up by the sea. Some ofcourse, does come from the smuggling days of old Cornwall. Where black glass protected the sought after contents of liquor bottles in the 1700s. This piece is different. Radically so, shine a light on this beauty and it glows purple!! I have never found a piece like this in four years of searching Cornish shores. Hard to spot and rare! Yes , rarer than red sea glass!! This gorgeous bit of seaglass is most likely a lightbulb insulator, many decades old. However it could also be a decorative plate from the 1940s! Its the mystery of where the seaglass has come from that is its very charm. Whisper to children, grandchildren how your ring came off a great pirate ship down Weeeeeest. You could even tell the tale of Robert Long, a notorious rebel from St Mawes ( near where this piece came from) who was finally caught, executed and hung by the roadside for all potential smugglers to see as they came into st mawes by road. I would turn that horse around and get outa there sharpish!! Ring made using a recycled silver backless bezel made to measure in house and totally uniqueand is a UK size N or US7