Ok this is a really special piece. In three years of searching i have never found glass this colour! This seaglass really is something different and unique. How to describe the colour? Its a clear glass with a white background and blue colour possibly over the background and the beginning of yellow. I recall back in the late 70s my brother having a weird looking glass fish, that stood as an ornament in his bedroom. This sea glass was found in Pentewan, on the south coast of Cornwall, famous for its huge caravan/ static site almost on the beach. The site has been there for well over 70 years, so this sterling silver, bezel set pendant could well be part of one of those weird 70s ornaments!! Certainly looks alot better now the Cornish sea has played with it for a few decades! Enjoy a unique little piece of Cornwall and a little bit of history

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Where possible i use recycled silver in my bezels. It is sterling silver that has been reused from the computer, medical and old jewellery sector. All fully traceable and made in the UK by a trusted company