stunning black sea glass encased in a recycled silver bezel. I use recycled silver , made in Europe, as much as i can in my jewellery. Not only because it recycles otherwise wasted silver but it also protects the environment. Here at A Little Bit of Cornwall, we are blessed to live in a stunning part of the world and we feel it our duty to look after the planet we inherited and will hopefully leave for our children's children! Anyway, this piece of olive seaglass looks black , its also nice and thick , meaning it has age. Possibly a piece of black "pirate " glass. Cornwall was famous, or infamous, for its smuggling and many trading ships were wrecked on the rugged Cornish coastline. Deliberately or not, the salvaged goods were smuggled through the villages that clung to the hillsides. Rum travelled to our wonderful shores in square black bottles that were easy to stack and protected the contents from the sunlight on deck. So maybe, just maybe, this beautiful piece of sea glass was part of a smuggled shipment that was dropped on the coast by a butter fingered Cornishman :-)

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